◆News◆ Piano Pieces "Ladybug" was delivered.

music:Silent Of Nose Mischief


Mischief Night

◆News◆ Piano Pieces "Mischief Night" was delivered. 


arrange:Silent Of Nose Mischief


Nose Hair

◆News◆ Piano Pieces "Nose Hair" was delivered. 

music:Silent Of Nose Mischief

Silent Illusion

◆NEWS◆  A new song "Silent Illusion" was delivered.


Silent Illusion

It's transient and far.....

music:Silent Of Nose Mischief

チェリー-Cherry- 【Cover#02】

A song called ''Cherry'' of SPITZ was covered.


music&Lyric:Masamune Kusano
Arrange:Silent Of Nose Mischief
Vo:ICHINOSE SATOMI(Silent Of Nose Mischief)



IWFP Christmas

Silent Of Nose Mischief ChristmasSongを配信開始しました


この曲についての詳細はICHINOSE blogにて

IWFP Christmas

神様どうか 世界中の人々の
心に積もる 雪に 灯りをともして

ああ ぼくの住む星は このまま
ああ 思いやりさえ 忘れてる
ねえ きみの住む街は どうかな
もう 傷つけ合わずに いたいよ

もうこれ以上 for Gods sake. help me

あなたの街に 光 降り注ぎだすよ
神様どうか 世界中の人々の
心に積もる 雪に 灯りをともして

ああ むかしは誰もが 子供で
ああ 自由と平和 願ってた
ねえ それなのに僕ら どうして
もう 大人のふりして 彷徨う
もうこれ以上 fight is stopped. help me

ぼくらの愛が やがて 輝き出す頃
あなたの涙 そっと 抱きしめてあげよう
神様どうか 世界中の人々の
心に積もる 雪に 灯りをともして

聖なる夜に 星を 探しに行こうよ
愛しているよ ずっと 変わらぬ想いで
神様どうか 世界中の人々の
心に募る 愛に 灯りをともして

music:Silent Of Nose Mischief


A morning Day and night Late at night ちょっと裏話

2015.12.16 地味に活動をしていたSilent Of Nose Mischiefの1st e.p.が発売される。
作品を出そうと決めたのは、9月に「ICHINOSE SATOMI」が加入してからだ。
そもそも何故加入したかというところは、Silent Of Nose Mischiefと、ICHINOSEが組み、
このMONSTERが、僕等の手に負えるのか・・・・正直不安はあったものの、とても柔軟な感性を持っていて素敵なセンスを持っているという事を考えると、自分たちが振り回されることは仕方ないだろう。という結論に至った。 背に腹は代えられない。

直前まで、曲数には悩んでいた   e.p.と謳っているが、そんな肩書はどうでもいい。
この作品の企画が持ち上がった当初は、「Maxi single」、「Mini Album」という呼び方をしていた。
格好良いからe.p.とつけたのだ。 シャレオツ

Silent Of Nose MischiefはMusicianだけに限らず表現をする方とのコラボを色々と予定しております。今後の活動にもご期待ください。

1st e.p.ですが、今のところ通販での販売のみとなっております。

2015.12.16  A CD of Silent Of Nose Mischief active in soil is sold.
It's after "ICHINOSE SATOMI" joins in September that that I'll take out a work has been decided.
After all Silent Of Nose Mischief and ICHINOSE make a place why you joined.
It's because I was convinced that it was something fascinating if original sound was made.
When this MONSTER could be carried on the hand which are we or.... to be honest, there was anxiety, but I think I have the very flexible sensitivity and have the nice sense, that one is abused would be inevitable. I came to the decision to say so. An abdomen isn't substituted for a back.
The years of experience of the music are the case that it's very important to can discuss an opinion by the same look and viewpoint unrelatedly, discuss, produce and do such thing naturally without a front and back.
It isn't on the same wavelength here and there is also often a case that I fail, so I think everyone was relieved at this stage.
I think an effort is being made more than ICHINOSE is to change from oneself and an idol to a title as an artist, and we think, and thinks there is also trouble.
Even though it was an artist because it was idle, it might be indistinct especially, but during making a work, I found to have put a distinction in the feeling surely.

This e.p. But 8 songs of limited edition usually filmed 5 songs of edition, and was record.
Even just before, e.p which suffered from the number of songs. It's declared, but how is it is also fine for such title.
How to call as "Maxi single" and "Mini Album" was being done on the first when a plan of this work occurred.
Because it's cool, e.p. If it was put. ''Syareotsu''
A self liner is being written in blog in ICHINOSE about the contents, so when you'd consult.
I think.
It may be 0 rather than 1st (ZERO).....

Silent Of Nose Mischief, only as well as Musician, collaboration with the person who does expression is scheduled variously. Please also expect it of activity of future.